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Creative blogger award

About a billion years ago, I got nominated by both Jubilare and Medieval Otaku for a so-called “Creative Blogger Award.” Perhaps it’s time I get around to writing something about it here. The rules are as follows: Thank the person … Continue reading

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A (moral) NaNo victory

A few days ago, at around the 25,000 word mark, I completed the first Part/Book/Act of my NaNoWriMo novel. I stopped writing a couple of pages after that. This was partly because my schedule was getting tight, but also because … Continue reading

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Work in progress

I’ll admit it: I’ve been writing fan-fiction. Two My Little Pony fanfics, to be precise. I began the first one – tentatively titled Dying Equestria in a nod to the Jack Vance novels – last summer. It’s set some millennia … Continue reading

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