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QotD: Literary Theory

Daniel Mendelsohn: First of all, I think undergraduates should be kept away from Theory at all costs. I don’t think people should be allowed to even hear the word “theory” until they’re doing graduate work—for the very good reason that … Continue reading

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Absolutely disagreeable

Broken Whole: These days, department events and grad student cook-outs are an extended exercise in “I’m okay, you’re okay” collegiality in which our differences remain as muted as possible. At a recent one, one student—after complaining that many contemporary poems … Continue reading

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Blogging From A to Z Challenge day 17: Q is for Quick Post

This post will be a quick post because I am rather tired and have some Greek nouns to decline before the day is done. Why am I declining Greek nouns? I’m taking a course in Biblical Greek, and for the … Continue reading

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