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I got no strings

Reading some of the reviews for Walt Disney’s second feature film, Pinocchio, is interesting: a substantial amount want to indict the film for being frightening and even cruel, in that Pinocchio’s bad behavior seems to lead to grotesque and horrific … Continue reading

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Hazy thoughts on The Soul of the World

Having finished Roger Scruton’s recent book, The Soul of the World: – Scruton’s ultimate aim here turns out to be pretty similar to where Kant wound up at the end of his Critique of Pure Reason: that is, the sort … Continue reading

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Two of three

  Today is the commemoration of two of the three Cappadocian Fathers: St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzen (St. Gregory of Nyssa has theoretically slipped off to January 10, although my breviary makes no mention of this). I … Continue reading

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Kaiju! Kaiju! burning bright

It occurs to me that it is 2014. I should be typing this post from inside a giant robot flying through hyperspace by now. What’s wrong with us? We need to get our act together, people! Considering this attitude, it … Continue reading

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Theology and academia

I’ve had more free time than usual this week. But, as my previous post suggests, I’ve spent a lot of it with a controller in hand. It’s shameful, I know, that I’m not studying Koine Greek declensions, but hey, even … Continue reading

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Where do we go from here?

I’ve been trying to get a handle on exactly what shape I’d like my burgeoning theological career* to take. And I feel like I’ll have to get a tentative idea soon, as I can see no option that won’t require … Continue reading

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Day 20. T is for Thomism

Thomism refers to the school of theological/philosophical thought that developed out of St. Thomas Aquinas’ work. To a lot of religious folk, Aquinas remains an example of the worst excesses of Roman rationalistic theology – an arrogant and presumptuous attempt … Continue reading

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QotD: Scientia amorque

This passage is from the first chapter of one of my textbooks for this semester (An Introduction to the Trinity by Declan Marmion and Rik Van Nieuwehove): For its part, theology has an ‘existential’ and practical aspect; to do theology … Continue reading

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