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If superior in degree to other men and to his environment, the hero is the typical hero of romance, whose actions are marvelous but who is himself identified as a human being. The hero of romance moves in a world … Continue reading

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Linguistic update

By this point, I’ve been formally studying Hebrew for longer than I have Latin and Greek. That’s not saying much – both of those only lasted for a semester due to practical issues, requiring me to attempt to keep the … Continue reading

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The Cabin in the Woods and Job

(WARNING: Massive spoilers for both The Cabin in the Woods and the Book of Job follow. You have been warned) As a teenager I used to adore horror films and those weird, mess-with-your-head type movies. So Joss Whedon and Drew … Continue reading

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Reading the Old Testament

Growing up in a household that was more culturally Jewish than Christian meant that unlike most westerners I was more familiar with the Torah than the Gospels. This isn’t saying much, as I never made any serious attempt to read … Continue reading

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