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A (moral) NaNo victory

A few days ago, at around the 25,000 word mark, I completed the first Part/Book/Act of my NaNoWriMo novel. I stopped writing a couple of pages after that. This was partly because my schedule was getting tight, but also because … Continue reading

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The shape of things to come

I’ve been a little bit dry on the blogging front lately. But here are a couple of other things on the backburner: Once again, I’ve convinced myself to participate in NaNoWriMo. I’m feeling particularly sanguine this year, as I’m using … Continue reading

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An update of sorts

Yes, I will get around to talking more about Eve Tushnet’s book. But both school and now NaNoWriMo have been eating up my time, and I need to re-read some chapters for my followup post. About NaNo: I’ve (so far) … Continue reading

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A moment of reprieve

For the past two weeks I was primarily concerned with midterms and hence too busy to post anything. On Friday morning I began this semester’s reading week and promptly dropped into a near brain-dead state where I spent the next … Continue reading

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