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JoshW invites you to: come on hear him talk about the ILLINOISE

  Music has become more important to me again. I mean in the sense of approaching it as an art form I can seek out an intentional experience with, and not just as background noise, which is what it kinda … Continue reading

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love’s neverdoneing lawlessness

I’ve talked a lot about pop-culturey stuff on this blog, so perhaps one way to ease into a somewhat different kind of normal is to talk about it from an angle I rarely do: music. A little over a decade … Continue reading

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It’s just a game, man

I don’t even know why people say Airman is so hard to defeat; just ignore the tornadoes, keep close to him and trade hits. His energy will run out before yours does.

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Miscellaneous Thoughts

– St. Vladmir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary requires applicants to their M.Div program to undergo a music proficiency exam for choir placement. On the one hand, I would have been horrified if I had to undergo something like that to get … Continue reading

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Philosophical diversion

This post is semi-inspired by a brief discussion elsewhere. It was suggested that, given the controversial nature of ethical theories, it is more reasonable to view them as expressions (or ad hoc justifications, I suppose) of subjective preferences until we … Continue reading

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