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The Church of Niceness

Speaking from a liberal Christian perspective, Giles Fraser has some words that are pretty spot on: The takeaway message is this: no one needs churches to be nice or tasteful. If churches have a future, it’s in addressing our existential … Continue reading

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Day 17. Q is for quiet

The Holy Saturday liturgy is rather affecting in that there is no Holy Saturday liturgy. It is the only day of the year where no sort of service whatsoever is offered in the Church. On this, the seventh day of … Continue reading

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Traditionalist Catholicism and me

I haven’t blogged much about Traditionalist Catholicism – partly because I still feel that it is a tad beyond my competence to discuss the finer theological/liturgical issues at stake, and because of my limited interaction with that particular subculture. We … Continue reading

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On Liturgy

This lovely quotation of Romano Guardini is found in the middle of Alexander Schmemann’s For The Life of the World, which I’ve been reading for a class: Man, with the aid of grace, is given the opportunity of relaying his … Continue reading

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So what are the liberal Christians up to these days?

One part of Theo Hobson’s vision of liberal Protestantism: The second pillar of the new liberal Christianity is a bit more surprising. For in the past, liberal Christianity has downplayed the ritual side of religion, often seeing it as a … Continue reading

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Blogging From A to Z Challenge day 21: U is for Usus Antiquor

Usus antiquor (older usage) is sometimes used to designate the Tridentine Mass, which was the form of the Mass used by Latin Catholics from the time of the Council of Trent until the development of the Paul VI (or Novus … Continue reading

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