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Top ten things I read in 2017

As usual, I compile a list of my favourite reads of the year, and as usual most of the entries don’t actually date from the year in question. I’ve decided to exclude graphic novels/comics, as at this point I think … Continue reading

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The last rabbit

Early on in Watership Down, the rabbits happen upon a curious warren. The burrows are large, but there are few rabbits. And those that are there, while large and in good health, seem to have grown docile and reliant upon … Continue reading

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The universal and the particular

Aminatta Forma has an article in the Guardian complaining about the tendency to divy literature up among national/racial lines: I used to be a journalist and I know the limitations of the short form. Journalism does not on the whole … Continue reading

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Blog content….of the future!

  With the new year only a few days away, I naturally turn to thinking Big Thoughts about this blog’s future. There are still loose ends to be tied up – both my Shadow of the Torturer series and my … Continue reading

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