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Neos and Theos

On Irving Kristol: Kristol confesses that his neo-orthodoxy is “something of a puzzle” even to him. His Jewish family, he recalls, was Orthodox in the sense common in his Brooklyn neighborhood. His father attended services on the High Holy Days … Continue reading

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Reading the Old Testament

Growing up in a household that was more culturally Jewish than Christian meant that unlike most westerners I was more familiar with the Torah than the Gospels. This isn’t saying much, as I never made any serious attempt to read … Continue reading

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QotD: Jewish/Catholic Guilt

Eve Tushnet, in a somewhat spoilerific post on Brideshead Revisited: I’m reminded of an interview I did a while back, where I semi-jokingly suggested that Catholic and Jewish guilt stem from one of the strengths of Catholicism and Judaism: the … Continue reading

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