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I guess it’s kind of an early valentine’s day post if you squint

I’ve been a tad more hopeful lately that my spiritual life can be more than the garbo it has been lately. It’s a kind of, I dunno, sweetness and sense of wonder that has fallen upon me these past couple … Continue reading

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So, uh, yeah

I’m not sure if I really have a coherent followup to my previous post of gay Catholic angst and weird body horror (only at Res Studiorum et Ludorum!), but it did kinda leave things hanging. So here are just some … Continue reading

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Gay Catholic drama is the only kind I’m good at, apparently

As my previous post suggested, I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching lately, having arrived at a realization that has thrown me off balance these past few days. In essence: although I believe in what the Church teaches viz-a-viz homosexuality* … Continue reading

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Identity salad

I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions that I’ve grown tired with the ongoing debate regarding whether its ok for orthodox Catholics to use sexual orientation lingo like gay, straight, etc. It seems like others are starting to get a … Continue reading

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Is celibacy the new ex-gay? or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the clickbait

The Catholic Church’s explicit teachings on homosexuality are actually rather slim – meriting only three paragraphs in the Catechism. (2357-2359) And, naturally, those paragraphs have been picked apart to death by just about everyone who has an interest in this … Continue reading

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Desire, sex, vocation

Batter my heart, three-personed God; for You As yet but knock, breathe, shine, and seek to mend; That I may rise and stand, o’erthrow me, ‘and bend Your force, to break, blow, burn, and make me new. I, like an … Continue reading

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The curious incident of the celibate gay

One of the things I have increasingly noticed is a convergence between liberals and conservatives over a particular sort of logic regarding same-sex attraction. It goes something like this: if gay sex is wrong, then the desire for it is … Continue reading

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Slate meets side b

So there’s a surprisingly fair article in Slate about us celibate gay/same-sex attracted Christians: Far from the mainstream LGBTQ experience of pride parades and marriages, Outward and the Advocate, there exists a small, tight-knit group of LGBTQ people who, though … Continue reading

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Quare fremuerunt gentes

St. Francis de Sales is growing on me. I was reading a bit of his Introduction to the Devout Life today, and was struck by his discussion about abasement, which is, “that littleness, meanness, and imperfection which is in us”, … Continue reading

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This culture war is killing us

Rod Dreher linked to a very good blog post expressing exasperation over how kids know Christianity only in terms of culture war issues: About five years ago, I taught a course called Christian Beliefs at a Catholic university. During each … Continue reading

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