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The problem of the demiurge

Nocturne, among other things, has got me thinking about the way religion and theology are addressed in games, or at least in the JRPGs that I’ve gorged on like so many tongue-numbing pieces of sour candy through the years of … Continue reading

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Is celibacy the new ex-gay? or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the clickbait

The Catholic Church’s explicit teachings on homosexuality are actually rather slim – meriting only three paragraphs in the Catechism. (2357-2359) And, naturally, those paragraphs have been picked apart to death by just about everyone who has an interest in this … Continue reading

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A contemporary Schopenhauer

A prominent jeweller claims to have figured out the key to existence: The academics could be forgiven for never having heard of Summa Metaphysica’s author. But, in fact, he was far from unknown: David Birnbaum is a prominent figure in … Continue reading

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Blogging from A to Z Challenge day 22: V is for Via Dolorosa

I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts on Christianity tend to focus on things like suffering and alienation. Some of this is that my personality has a melancholic and sometimes even morbid streak in it. And, of course, a … Continue reading

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