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Hazy thoughts on The Soul of the World

Having finished Roger Scruton’s recent book, The Soul of the World: – Scruton’s ultimate aim here turns out to be pretty similar to where Kant wound up at the end of his Critique of Pure Reason: that is, the sort … Continue reading

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The Night of the Hunter

To the extent that it can be considered a horror film, The Night of the Hunter is my favorite. It’s a good choice for Hallowe’en anyhow. The only film directed by Charles Laughton, Hunter is one of the most bizarre … Continue reading

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The first theological virtue

Gabriel Blanchard is in the middle of a series of of rather personal posts explaining why he is a Catholic. This passage in his third one leaped out at me: […]referral to the macrocosm, to the Resurrection, cannot really be … Continue reading

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A lack of subtlety

Rod Dreher: Fundamentalists don’t compromise. That is their strength. But it’s also their weakness. I went over a book the other day written by a theologically stout Evangelical (which is not the same thing as a fundamentalist). The book was … Continue reading

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Fides and Self

I read Pope Francis’ encyclical Lumen Fidei for a class. Well, the rough draft was mostly authored by Benedict XVI (the name-dropping of Wittgenstein, Nietzsche and Buber are certainly signs of his academic style), completing his series on the three … Continue reading

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