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QotD: Pixar edition

Eve Tushnet on Inside Out: I led a charmed life as a child, and I had accumulated more Dostoyevskyan angst by age six than this kid seems to harbor at twice that. I actually haven’t seen Inside Out yet, which … Continue reading

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Identity salad

I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions that I’ve grown tired with the ongoing debate regarding whether its ok for orthodox Catholics to use sexual orientation lingo like gay, straight, etc. It seems like others are starting to get a … Continue reading

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A year in reading – the best of 2014

School is out! Naturally I celebrate with another top ten list, this time of books I read in 2014. Most of these books were not actually published in 2014, so if you were expecting a list of fine reading right … Continue reading

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QotD: Obedience and liturgy

Eve Tushnet: If we had this idea of the mask of obedience, we might look at how our practices shape our understandings of obedience: What does the mask typically look like? When we look at the gestures of obedience within … Continue reading

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QotD: Jewish/Catholic Guilt

Eve Tushnet, in a somewhat spoilerific post on Brideshead Revisited: I’m reminded of an interview I did a while back, where I semi-jokingly suggested that Catholic and Jewish guilt stem from one of the strengths of Catholicism and Judaism: the … Continue reading

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Blogging From A to Z Challenge Day 25: Y is for You gotta believe/think

Eve Tushnet has a somewhat scattershot but interesting essay up on AmCon about the emphasis we place on critical thinking: We teach students to find the undefended premises of an argument, or the contradictions in a claim. This is really … Continue reading

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