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End of an era

Let’s do a movie thing. It’s been a while. Writer-director Whit Stillman is probably the closest thing American cinema has to a Jane Austen, in that his movies tend to be comedies of manners about insular, WASPish social circles with … Continue reading

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Again, I promised books. But this post has already been delayed, and I want to say something about The Favourite before it becomes a distant memory: although I’m not sure I can honestly say I liked it more than Spider-Verse, … Continue reading

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Vulpes vulpes

Wes Anderson has been a difficult director for me to appreciate. The aggressively composed mise-en-scene and deadpan tone of his films invites comparisons with Stanley Kubrick, a director I like a lot. But while Kubrick had a dark, Swiftian outlook … Continue reading

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