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The problem of the demiurge

Nocturne, among other things, has got me thinking about the way religion and theology are addressed in games, or at least in the JRPGs that I’ve gorged on like so many tongue-numbing pieces of sour candy through the years of … Continue reading

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Day 5. E is for Essence-Energies distinction

Let’s take a break from literature for a bit. The essence-energies distinction is a way of conceptualizing the Godhead that developed in the east. Medieval theologian Gregory Palamas was the major figure behind crystallizing it. Exactly how far back it … Continue reading

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Two quotes from David Bentley Hart

First: I have never really been able to make myself want to specialize in some very narrow section of one very narrow field of study.  This may be why I was unable as an undergraduate to decide whether I might … Continue reading

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