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A new and likely rather different Dane

It’s hard to imagine another C.S. Lewis in today’s climate. I mean, there’s an entire small cottage industry of writers attempting their own Mere Christianities, but with none of the cultural cache. Advertisements

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Gay Catholic drama is the only kind I’m good at, apparently

As my previous post suggested, I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching lately, having arrived at a realization that has thrown me off balance these past few days. In essence: although I believe in what the Church teaches viz-a-viz homosexuality* … Continue reading

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Music of the night

So: what do I think about Nocturne? Before I can answer that, you’ll have to allow me to get on my soapbox for a moment.

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On remaining Catholic, etc.

Elizabeth Scalia has been asking notable Catholic bloggers to share their story about why they remain Catholic, in spite of all the modern trends. Strangely, I was not personally asked by her to contribute. And, having only been in full … Continue reading

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For the sake of the Kingdom

Patricia Snow has penned an excellent article in defense of celibate vocations at First Things: In the short run, it does no harm and possibly much good to try to strengthen monogamous, lifelong marriage. But to think that this is … Continue reading

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Blog content….of the future!

  With the new year only a few days away, I naturally turn to thinking Big Thoughts about this blog’s future. There are still loose ends to be tied up – both my Shadow of the Torturer series and my … Continue reading

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Food for thought

Alan Jacobs recently posted a little thought experiment: take a hypothetical Christian institution that has moved from a traditional Christian sexual ethic to a more liberal one. Assume that God hasn’t actually changed his mind about this stuff: So as … Continue reading

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The first theological virtue

Gabriel Blanchard is in the middle of a series of of rather personal posts explaining why he is a Catholic. This passage in his third one leaped out at me: […]referral to the macrocosm, to the Resurrection, cannot really be … Continue reading

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Reading the Old Testament

Growing up in a household that was more culturally Jewish than Christian meant that unlike most westerners I was more familiar with the Torah than the Gospels. This isn’t saying much, as I never made any serious attempt to read … Continue reading

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Tolkienesque meditations

With the upcoming semester only a few days away, I have been doing what many geeky Catholics do for refreshment of spirit: re-read Tolkien. I finished The Hobbit yesterday, and completed Book One of The Lord of the Rings about … Continue reading

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