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A sola or two

One of the reasons I’ve been sitting on my hands when it comes to blogging about all my recent…ecclesial developments is that it’s hard to do so without coming across as at least a little bit confrontational. It’s also the … Continue reading

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A new and likely rather different Dane

It’s hard to imagine another C.S. Lewis in today’s climate. I mean, there’s an entire small cottage industry of writers attempting their own Mere Christianities, but with none of the cultural cache.

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Gay Catholic drama is the only kind I’m good at, apparently

As my previous post suggested, I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching lately, having arrived at a realization that has thrown me off balance these past few days. In essence: although I believe in what the Church teaches viz-a-viz homosexuality* … Continue reading

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Music of the night

So: what do I think about Nocturne? Before I can answer that, you’ll have to allow me to get on my soapbox for a moment.

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On remaining Catholic, etc.

Elizabeth Scalia has been asking notable Catholic bloggers to share their story about why they remain Catholic, in spite of all the modern trends. Strangely, I was not personally asked by her to contribute. And, having only been in full … Continue reading

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For the sake of the Kingdom

Patricia Snow has penned an excellent article in defense of celibate vocations at First Things: In the short run, it does no harm and possibly much good to try to strengthen monogamous, lifelong marriage. But to think that this is … Continue reading

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Blog content….of the future!

  With the new year only a few days away, I naturally turn to thinking Big Thoughts about this blog’s future. There are still loose ends to be tied up – both my Shadow of the Torturer series and my … Continue reading

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Food for thought

Alan Jacobs recently posted a little thought experiment: take a hypothetical Christian institution that has moved from a traditional Christian sexual ethic to a more liberal one. Assume that God hasn’t actually changed his mind about this stuff: So as … Continue reading

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The first theological virtue

Gabriel Blanchard is in the middle of a series of of rather personal posts explaining why he is a Catholic. This passage in his third one leaped out at me: […]referral to the macrocosm, to the Resurrection, cannot really be … Continue reading

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Reading the Old Testament

Growing up in a household that was more culturally Jewish than Christian meant that unlike most westerners I was more familiar with the Torah than the Gospels. This isn’t saying much, as I never made any serious attempt to read … Continue reading

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