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I guess it’s kind of an early valentine’s day post if you squint

I’ve been a tad more hopeful lately that my spiritual life can be more than the garbo it has been lately. It’s a kind of, I dunno, sweetness and sense of wonder that has fallen upon me these past couple … Continue reading

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Is celibacy the new ex-gay? or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the clickbait

The Catholic Church’s explicit teachings on homosexuality are actually rather slim – meriting only three paragraphs in the Catechism. (2357-2359) And, naturally, those paragraphs have been picked apart to death by just about everyone who has an interest in this … Continue reading

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The curious incident of the celibate gay

One of the things I have increasingly noticed is a convergence between liberals and conservatives over a particular sort of logic regarding same-sex attraction. It goes something like this: if gay sex is wrong, then the desire for it is … Continue reading

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How to be horribly repressed

(This is a followup to my previous post on Melinda Selmys’ book Sexual Authenticity, as I have now finished it) I really like this book, and it is a lot more weird, funny and geeky than I expected it to … Continue reading

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Identity crises

As I suggested earlier, I think this whole sexual identity debate thing has kinda run itself into the ground for me. To those of you who don’t spend as much time reading Christian/Catholic blogs and magazines as much as I … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable apologetics

In a recent review of Francis Spufford’s new book, Alan Jacobs made a point about apologetics, which is that it requires an understanding of one’s emotional, intellectual and spiritual limitations in addition to an understanding of one’s audience. It is … Continue reading

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What’s up with philosophy departments?

So some time ago the philosopher Colin McGinn resigned after complaints of sexual harassment were made by one of his female grad students. This has sparked an amount of buzz over the status of women in philosophy – notably a … Continue reading

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