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Top 5 most influential artists

In lieu of the usual top ten list, I thought I’d do something a little more interesting: the top five most influential artists, the ones who have helped shape how I approach and think about creative endeavours. Which isn’t the … Continue reading

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Top ten books I read in 2016

As usual, this list rears its head in December. And as also is usual, none of the books listed here were actually published in 2016. However, this one is somewhat unusual in that it has a dearth of sci-fi and … Continue reading

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Words, number crunching

I’ve noticed that in spite of my room’s contents being 80% books, and in spite of belonging to three different academic disciplines that have a vested interest in studying old tomes, I have blogged comparatively little about my reading.

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Bah, humbug!

Oh hey, whadyaknow, Christmas is less than two weeks away. Luckily, I remembered to get you what you wanted this year: a bad audiobook recording by yours truly! Yes, now you can listen to me read from that most famous … Continue reading

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Favourite first sentences

This is the second lame Favourites post I’ve done for this blog. But favourite first sentences of novels/short stories is a slightly more interesting subject for a favourites list than, say, favourite novels, no? No one who had ever seen … Continue reading

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