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My Little Pony: The Movie: The Review

I’m on vacation, so of course that means getting more blogging done. What else am I supposed to do, really? Movie adaptations of a TV show tend to lean in one of two directions: the Star Trek direction, where you … Continue reading

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War paint

Despite breezing through the remainder of Revolutionary Girl Utena with considerable speed, I have yet to be able to say anything coherent about it (aside from: it’s great). So let’s talk about fashion and stuff instead.

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Quick takes

1 On a whim I started rewatching Dragon Ball Z. The last time I saw any of it was when it first aired in North America, which would’ve been around 1999-2000. Like many kids, it was one of the first … Continue reading

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Where do *they* go from here?

So, with season 5 of this show slated for 2015, I’m not quite sure about where things are going to go from here. There are two aspects to Friendship is Magic, which, although they have for the most part dovetailed … Continue reading

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