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Blog content….of the future!

  With the new year only a few days away, I naturally turn to thinking Big Thoughts about this blog’s future. There are still loose ends to be tied up – both my Shadow of the Torturer series and my … Continue reading

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Happy third birthday, Res Studiorum et Ludorum

Three years ago on this day, the Feast of St. Nicholas, I opened up shop here. At the time, I had just become a Catechumen and didn’t quite realize the significance of the date. But as a result I’ve come … Continue reading

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Academics and their blogs

Corey Robin argues that academics aren’t abandoning a popular audience for the Ivory Tower. Rather, they’ve just taken to blogging instead: Academics used to face a hard choice between writing for sequestered journals that few people read and newspapers and … Continue reading

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Continuing the conversation

I seem to be experiencing my own 15 minutes of fame by way of having my previous post quoted on Andrew Sullivan’s blog. The amount of traffic I’ve received in the past 48 hours is about on par with what … Continue reading

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