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Writing a review or analysis of Suspiria feels almost like an effort in futility, not just because of how much has already been published about it within horror and cult movie circles, but also (and primarily) because of how it … Continue reading

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Walt Disney wasn’t the first person to incorporate sound and animation, but he was the first to build animation around sound. Whereas earlier shorts would tack on the soundtrack as an afterthought, Steamboat Willie was animated with the rhythms of … Continue reading

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Silly, but not without pointe

Here’s an amusing interlude for your Sunday evening, courtesy of Don:

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Theologians and their composers

When I was a teenager I would often go on extended walks with a piece of classical music playing on my walkman (remember those?). That doesn’t happen much these days – there are a lot more distractions inhibiting me from, … Continue reading

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“All you children who love stories, gather around!”

So we’ve got a duck who can transform into a ballet dancer who can transform into a Magical Girl. And she’s trying to piece together the pieces of this guy’s heart which were scattered when he defeated some evil Raven. … Continue reading

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I should get myself a snazzy pair of opera glasses

I went to the opening night of the National Ballet of Canada’s current production of Romeo and Juliet. First time going to see a live ballet, and, eo ipso my first time seeing the National Ballet. They’ve made me a … Continue reading

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Odds and ends

Yet again, I’ve allowed my sloth to overcome my blogging habits. So here’s an assortment of random updates: 1. On Helen Rittelmeyer’s recommendation, I read Kenzaburo Oe’s novel, Rouse Up O Young Men of the New Age. It’s an autobiographical … Continue reading

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