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The Assumption of Mary

For a Thomist like myself, to be an intellectual being and to be a spiritual being are two sides of the same coin. And it is our peering into the timeless, shadowy world of universals that gives us our first … Continue reading

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Day 20. T is for Thomism

Thomism refers to the school of theological/philosophical thought that developed out of St. Thomas Aquinas’ work. To a lot of religious folk, Aquinas remains an example of the worst excesses of Roman rationalistic theology – an arrogant and presumptuous attempt … Continue reading

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Day 6. F is for Frege

Gottlob Frege is, along with Bertrand Russel I suppose, considered to be the founder of analytic philosophy. Along with that is his development of symbolic logic, the first real alternative to Aristotle’s syllogistic logic and also an important step towards … Continue reading

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Blogging from to Z Challenge day 9: I is for In continuation…

Let’s try to pick up where I left off yesterday. Since this isn’t meant to be an apologetics blog, nor one which lays on the philosophy in thick fashion, I’m not particularly interested in rehearsing the arguments for why I … Continue reading

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