My Little Pony: The Movie: The Review

I’m on vacation, so of course that means getting more blogging done. What else am I supposed to do, really?

Movie adaptations of a TV show tend to lean in one of two directions: the Star Trek direction, where you streamline it into something which sacrifices some of the spirit of the original for the sake of roping in new fans, or the Star Trek direction where you just do the same thing, only bigger and louder.* The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie belongs to the latter category. It’s a bloated mess which does little that the show hasn’t already done. But it’s nevertheless a completely fine and satisfying bloated mess.

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A new and likely rather different Dane

It’s hard to imagine another C.S. Lewis in today’s climate. I mean, there’s an entire small cottage industry of writers attempting their own Mere Christianities, but with none of the cultural cache.

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War paint

Despite breezing through the remainder of Revolutionary Girl Utena with considerable speed, I have yet to be able to say anything coherent about it (aside from: it’s great). So let’s talk about fashion and stuff instead.

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ῥοδοδάκτυλος Ἠώς

Sorry for not posting lately. The inspiration to write just hasn’t been there, nor the inspiration to do anything artsy lately. Which can be frustrating, but at least there isn’t any active drama.

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I guess it’s kind of an early valentine’s day post if you squint

I’ve been a tad more hopeful lately that my spiritual life can be more than the garbo it has been lately. It’s a kind of, I dunno, sweetness and sense of wonder that has fallen upon me these past couple of days. I haven’t felt that way about my faith for a while. The bad news is I’m still going to inflict you guys with my tormented thoughts. We still have to navigate the labyrinth.

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La filette revolutionaire

The trouble is that it’s already been over a month since I wrapped up my Ulysses re-read; I may need to go back at it again if I want to keep writing about it. This whole thing is threatening to become an extremely unprofessional research project, and I don’t even have my JSTOR privileges anymore.

But keeping with the theme of “stuff I liked over a decade ago”, I decided to revisit the first season of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It turns out I still really like it, so let’s talk about that while it’s still fresh in my mind.

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usylessly unreadable Blue Book of Eccles (part I of ??!)


Now for the good stuff. In rereading Ulysses and dipping into Finnegans Wake and Richard Ellmann’s biography of James Joyce, it’s become clear that the man is one of those artists who I have a foundational, yet utterly complicated and baffling relationship with. It will take some time to completely hash things out.

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Again, I promised books. But this post has already been delayed, and I want to say something about The Favourite before it becomes a distant memory: although I’m not sure I can honestly say I liked it more than Spider-Verse, it is probably the most Josh movie released that year – which is to say that it’s a demented travesty of a prestige costume drama, an elegant swan that attacks the audience for having the gall to absently cross its path.

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The sequel to the melodramatic turns out to be the comedic. I somehow found myself in the Confessional, the dumpster fire of recent weeks being anticlimactically extinguished. The Holy Spirit got the better of me. Uncle uncle

“So, have your doubts about the Church been resolved?” The priest asked.

“I, uh, don’t know, really…But I’m here, I suppose.”


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The plot thickens

I know I promised I’d be talking about books and stuff, but shit’s been real, guys, and I have to get this off my chest.

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