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Are we too responsible?

Tristyn Bloom on one aspect of pro-abortion thought that is often neglected: We often hear that a problem with young people today is that we are irresponsible. We don’t have a sense of duty. We don’t have a sense of … Continue reading

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The internet and parochialism

Astra Taylor: The world is complex and interconnected, Zuckerman rightly insists, and the evolution of our communications system from a broadcast model to a networked one has added a new dimension to the mix. The Internet has made us all … Continue reading

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“But hey! The word, ‘super’ is in ‘superficial’.”

(via Don)

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LEGO turing machine

Turing Machines are pretty nifty. We spent some time writing Turing Machines in a metalogic class during my last semester. Anyway, what’s the usual procedure for nifty things? Make a LEGO version of it.   (Via Unequally Yoked)

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