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Late-Night Dodecaphony

I’ve been up since 5 in the morning, and I’m perhaps a little too sleepy to be blogging, but no matter; this made my evening. If you’ve ever tried to make sense of twelve-tone music, or have ever perhaps accidentally … Continue reading

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Blogging from to Z Challenge day 9: I is for In continuation…

Let’s try to pick up where I left off yesterday. Since this isn’t meant to be an apologetics blog, nor one which lays on the philosophy in thick fashion, I’m not particularly interested in rehearsing the arguments for why I … Continue reading

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Poor Tom

  I’m sorry, but I just found this amusing: “I am just appalled to see how, in spite of what I think is the progress we’ve made in the last 25 years, there’s this sort of retrograde gang,” he said, … Continue reading

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LEGO turing machine

Turing Machines are pretty nifty. We spent some time writing Turing Machines in a metalogic class during my last semester. Anyway, what’s the usual procedure for nifty things? Make a LEGO version of it.   (Via Unequally Yoked)

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But how long before they become self-aware?

Termed the “Second Brain” by Dr. Michael Gershon, the enteric nervous system is a collection of over 100 million neurons embedded within the lining of the gastrointestinal system. While this amount of neurons actually pales in comparison to the brain’s … Continue reading

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