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Blogging from A to Z Challenge day 18: R is for Res Studiorum et Ludorum

“Res studiorum et ludorum” means, roughly, “things of study and diversion.” Alternatively, one other translation could be, “things of zeal and sport”. But I think the former fits the spirit of the blog a bit more. But resstudiorumetludorum is a … Continue reading

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Blogging From A to Z Challenge day 17: Q is for Quick Post

This post will be a quick post because I am rather tired and have some Greek nouns to decline before the day is done. Why am I declining Greek nouns? I’m taking a course in Biblical Greek, and for the … Continue reading

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Blogging from A to Z Challenge day 12: L is for Latin

Hoc blogum nominem Latinam habet. Plurem nuntium in Latina haberet. Sed cum hoc non bene sum. Haec iocatio est: Quid Equus verba viro dixit? Nihil. Equus est. Ridete, ridete! (more info on the A to Z Challenge)

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Christmas! Day Four

Been away from blogging for a while – the buildup to Christmas was pretty work intense, and by the time Christmas day rolled around I found myself stuck with a nasty head cold. But aside from becoming a minor biohazard … Continue reading

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