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Re-reading. sea brine

I’m now in the middle of rereading Moby-Dick, which I last reread a little over a year ago. This third time around, I find things just click so beautifully with me. If we’re going to compare it with Ulysses, that … Continue reading

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JoshW invites you to: come on hear him talk about the ILLINOISE

  Music has become more important to me again. I mean in the sense of approaching it as an art form I can seek out an intentional experience with, and not just as background noise, which is what it kinda … Continue reading

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A sola or two

One of the reasons I’ve been sitting on my hands when it comes to blogging about all my recent…ecclesial developments is that it’s hard to do so without coming across as at least a little bit confrontational. It’s also the … Continue reading

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