Future Fairyland – The Poster!

Work on my comic, Future Fairyland, continues apace, with a significant chunk of chapter 1 already drawn. In lieu of that, I’ve decided to draw a poster which I’ve included below the fold.

I’m reaching the point where I have to consider a conundrum.

The first is a matter of publication. I never conceptualized Future Fairyland as a webcomic, but the only realistic option is to publish it online. The issue is that I’ve been writing the story on the assumption that it will be read a chapter at a time, and so I’m not sure if its pacing can survive the standard webcomic practice of publishing a page at a time. But at the same time I suspect that publishing an entire chapter at once would result in something a little bit unwieldy for online readers.

I also am still experimenting a bit with the best way to make digital copies of the pages themselves. The physical version of this poster is the same size as a normal page of the comic (11×14 inches), but I don’t currently have access to a scanner built for large pictures. So, in order to get what you see above, I had to do two separate scans and then make a composite image. I know next to nothing about digital art and image editing, and so found this to be time-consuming, and a bit of a pain.

Nevertheless, working on this comic has been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in a long time. It’s allowed me to merge my interests in writing and drawing in a manner that just feels right. Sequential art, at least at this moment, feels like the missing link I’ve been lacking for so long in my creative endeavors. Even if the end result of Future Fairyland is something a bit too scrappy and rough to attract much interest, I believe I’m on the right track.

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