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Future Fairyland – The Poster!

Work on my comic, Future Fairyland, continues apace, with a significant chunk of chapter 1 already drawn. In lieu of that, I’ve decided to draw a poster which I’ve included below the fold. Advertisements

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True romance

I’ve got a piece up at Beneath the Tangles giving a rundown on some of the 2017 JRPGs I played. Which makes this as good a place as ever to note that my attempt at playing Phantasy Star II crashed … Continue reading

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Warning LOTR post Warning

In addition to putting me in the frame of mind to pick The Lord of the Rings off the shelves again, my cold has also pushed me to revisit Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring (extended … Continue reading

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Fashion statement

My body decided to ring in the new year with an upper respiratory disease. During a particularly unpleasant night of congestion, I found myself moved to sketch out a five part story describing a different kind of bodily betrayal.

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