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Weird personal post don’t read

So I’m making a comic book. Recent experiences have impressed upon me a couple of needs: the need for my art to have a focus if it is to avoid hitting a plateau, and the need for myself to have … Continue reading

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Uncanny valley

The short story is that I’ve been doubling down on the really artsy-fartsy stuff recently, which I’ve found has eaten away a lot of the time, effort and inclination that has gone towards blogging. I hope that eventually a new … Continue reading

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Space oddity

I’ve probably said it before, but one of the big threats to modern blockbusters these days is the curse of being ‘ok’, where the major studios have honed the art of producing the sort of entertainment which feels good going … Continue reading

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Turning to more important subject matter…

To my shame and discredit I haven’t talked much about sci-fi books lately, so let’s rectify that by talking about Gabe Hudson’s Gork, The Teenage Dragon, a book I picked up almost solely on the concept alone: a romantic comedy … Continue reading

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Crime and punishment

Time for another David Lynch review! This time jumping back to 1997. Lost Highway is a frustrating movie. Like Psycho, it spends its first act being one kind of movie before taking a sudden sharp turn into becoming something completely … Continue reading

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