BTT Manga Roundup

I’m back at Beneath the Tangles again, this time talking about manga.

Aside from video games, my experiences with Japanese pop culture recently have centred around manga; picking up drawing as a hobby has led to a renewed interest in the sequential art of both east and west. In light of that, I intend to give a round-up of some of the noteworthy manga I’ve dipped my…

via Josh’s Manga Roundup — Beneath the Tangles

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4 Responses to BTT Manga Roundup

  1. T. Martin says:

    “Ranma also happens to have run afoul of a weird curse where contact with cold water turns him into a girl (hot water reverses the effect).”

    …I really want to comment on this, but I’m at a loss of words

    • Josh W says:

      lol, interesting to get the reaction of someone who doesn’t have the same baseline knowledge of anime hits of yesteryear.

      I have long wondered what the exact temperature is that splits the difference.

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