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I haven’t had much time/energy for blogging in recent weeks. Here’s a quick and dirty bullet-list of relevant stuff to indicate that I’m still around.

  • I went to Furnal Equinox, Toronto’s own local furry convention. It was my first time going to a con of the fuzzy persuasion, and I had a blast. I want to one day show up to one of these things all fursuited up – hey, don’t laugh; having the ability to afford a big ol’ bunny suit seems like a worthwhile fiscal goal.
  • Square Enix wasn’t kidding when they said that a substantial amount of NieR: Automata’s content was to be found in repeat playthroughs. I’m early into my third lap and I’m still finding that there are more layers to the game than I initially assumed. This sort of onion-like structure likely has gotten on some peoples’ nerves, and seems a surefire way to make a chunk of critics miss out on at least half of the game, but I like what it’s doing. I actually appreciate it when games like this and The Last Guardian commit themselves to potentially divisive design choices in the service of what they’re trying to accomplish. Games these days (and a lot of modern blockbusters as well) have gotten pretty good at figuring out the necessary elements for making as much of their respective demographic go “ooh! fun!” as possible. And while this is indicative of some good craftsmanship it also has the side-effect of producing homogenized, easily forgotten experiences. So it is a little heartening to still see some Triple A games so committed to their own distinctiveness that they’re willing to risk alienating some potential players.
  • I finished Kill La Kill. It gave the shot in the arm my otaku side needed. More thoughts later. Incidentally I plan on making another appearance at Anime North in May.
  • The incredibly popular and long running manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure started out as an eccentric exercise in Victorian miserabilism, but quickly evolved into a rather ludicrous, over-the-top display of shonen manga action, so I guess I’m on board for now.

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