I’m involved in a top 5 JRPGs roundup at Beneath the Tangles.

Also I recently rewatched Zootopia and found that my opinion of it has gone up. I found it irksome for being indistinguishable from a Pixar or Dreamworks movie, but it’s probably the most successful of the CG era Disney movies. My earlier post could probably be expanded upon, given that it was literally a bullet-point list.

Final Fantasy XV is on the cusp of release and I…am having trouble consistently maintaining enthusiasm for it. Aside from not having a means of playing it, all the early previews suggest that the franchise is still operating on a wavelength fundamentally different than my own. That Florence & The Machine cover of Stand By Me sure is pretty, though.

All the hype did inspire me to log some time into Final Fantasy VI, an entry which I have a weird relationship with. FF IV was the first one I laid hands on (back when it was still called FF II here), but while it intrigued me a great deal, I was too young to really get a grasp on how to play it. FF VI (back when it was FF III) looked really cool but was always unavailable at the video store, and so I never really played it until its Playstation rerelease. By that point it was already overshadowed by VII and VIII.

As a result I’ve always appreciated VI more than I’ve enjoyed it – even though it is, on balance, the most solid entry in the series. This time, however, something clicked. I think I’m starting to dig into it as an RPG. I also didn’t realize just how well paced the opening hour is: within ten minutes you’re into the meat of both the gameplay and the plot, and there’s a sense of forward momentum that never lags even as the game allows you to meander and do RPG stuff.

Even the excruciatingly long loading times of the Playstation version haven’t kept me down. Yet.


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