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Waking the wind fish

It’s been fun using my 3DS to reconnect with the Zelda franchise. The most unexpectedly moving of my various revisits has been Link’s Awakening, the 1993 Game Boy title which blew my mind.

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Entry no. 56

It’s fair to say that, even if it isn’t completely successful, Moana feels like Disney doing what it should be doing. Which is to say that it’s a beautifully animated musical which pillages some piece of folklore/fairy tale in the … Continue reading

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I’m involved in a top 5 JRPGs roundup at Beneath the Tangles. Also I recently rewatched Zootopia and found that my opinion of it has gone up. I found it irksome for being indistinguishable from a Pixar or Dreamworks movie, … Continue reading

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Samurai boogaloo redux

My previous post on Shin Megami Tensei IV found me pretty annoyed at the game. In the meantime I’ve found myself drawn back to it on occasion, which has provoked something of a reconsideration. A lot of my earlier hair-tearing … Continue reading

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Better late than never

Derp. I penned a Halloween-inspired post for Beneath the Tangles and then failed to share it on here in a timely fashion. Oh well – it’s not quite Advent yet, so perhaps I’m still in the clear. Anyway: The 1990 … Continue reading

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The long, long sun

I’ve finally finished all four volumes of Gene Wolfe’s Book of the Long Sun, the very loose sequel to The Book of the New Sun. It almost lost me for a while. True to its title, the novel is very … Continue reading

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