chauser fin

There are still details to be ironed out, but I think I’ve got this bunny locked down. This is the look that made me think, “yeah, that’s Chauser.”

My earliest attempts were centered around figuring out what I’d look like as a rabbit. This didn’t go very far, as it didn’t allow for Chauser to be his own character; and, more importantly, the constraints that put on me resulted in a design that was a bit dull to look at. Once I gave up on that, the basic ideas began to emerge.

chauser exp

My craftsmanship tends to get a lot weaker below the neck. Anatomy, whether human or rabbit, is not quite my forte, and trying to make things like hands and leg-joints is a struggle. Still, it wasn’t too long ago that even what I’m doing now would have seemed beyond me.

This is much more fun than using one of those pony OC generators.

There’s still the question of who, exactly, Chauser is, and where the drive to create a rabbit alter-ego came from. Psychoanalysts should perhaps take note that at the age of three I was dressed up as a bunny for an Easter parade.

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