Killer rabbits


Why, it’s (the upper half of) McDohl the Younger! I haven’t even beaten the game yet and it’s already invaded my sketchbook. Although that’s more due to the coincidence of it being what I picked up when I began drawing again.

tir box

Pretty close resemblance, I’d say. A bit stiff, though.


Chauser, meanwhile, has become more cartoony and more rabbity.

2016-07-29 00.39.45

Suikoden, incidentally, also features rabbits of a more lethal variety:

Killer_Rabbit suikodrn

It may seem like a Monty Python-esque gag to our jaded, modern eyes, but the Medieval scribes can also attest to the martial character of the rabbit:


medieval rabbit

Rabbits are typically believed to have been introduced to England by the Normans. But some scholars of military history have even gone so far as to postulate that the use of rabbits was, in fact, the key to the success of the Norman invasion.

This will, perhaps, provide a partial explanation of why Chauser is a rabbit.

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