Start of darkness

I mentioned previously that I’ve been trying to get better at drawing. Of course, my real ulterior motive here is to finally get a character of my own. Everyone who is anyone in the sorts of fandoms I’ve lurked in will inevitably have their own OC/ponysona/fursona/altar ego, etc. My lack of artistic talent, along with an unwillingness to commission someone else to do the dirty work for me, has hitherto withheld me from attaining this.

But I’ve been finding that diligence is beginning to reward me in repairing the former problem, so I already have made a stab at the endeavor.

Below the fold is Chauser (no relation to Geoffrey Chaucer).

chauser front

He’s not the most original-looking rabbit, but whatever. Still very much a work in progress, but he seems to be shaping up (and doesn’t, at least, immediately look like he walked out of a Sonic game).

This sketch is actually a pretty big milestone for me, albeit not in an immediately obvious manner – it is an attempt to ‘turn’ a previous profile sketch by 90 degrees:

chauser side

There are some minor differences between the two (the position of the feet, for instance) but this is the first time I’ve attempted this sort of rotation and gotten something that actually resembles the original. So I’m quite happy. I suppose doing another one at 45 degrees would be the next step.

I wonder why I feel too self-conscious to post fiction drafts here (except for occasional stuff like that abandoned My Little Pony/Evangelion crossover fanfic), but don’t care nearly as much about posting stuff like this. Anyway, I’m actually kinda pleased to see content on this blog that isn’t just the usual editorial stuff.

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  1. Speaking of drawing, I’ve posted drawings of mine on my blog too, but most of those were from some time ago. My more recent ones are often posted on some of the usual social media plus pixiv. I’m considering setting up a DeviantArt account sometime, but I don’t feel dedicated enough towards drawing right now. I’ll probably set one up sometime in the future, still.

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