Quick takes


On a whim I started rewatching Dragon Ball Z. The last time I saw any of it was when it first aired in North America, which would’ve been around 1999-2000.

Like many kids, it was one of the first anime shows I followed, and I managed to make it as far as the Android Saga before drifting away.

Turns out it’s just as compulsively watchable in adulthood. I’m pretty bad at following through with shows, even those I like (the last one I watched to completion was Girls Und Panzer) and yet I seem to have no difficulty breezing through DBZ’s heavily padded episodes. I forget how much I love Akira Toriyama’s art style (and really, when I think about it, it’s probably half the reason I keep trying to get into Dragon Quest) and the cast is probably the most likable in shonen anime; you just want to spend time with Goku and co., and barely even notice how thin the plot gets stretched at times.

Incidentally, the very long, drawn out fights where characters frequently pause and agonize over battle strategies make a lot more sense now that I’ve participated in my first Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

 mlp anime

Speaking of shows, I’ve also decided to catch up a bit on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, having fallen off track about a year ago. I’m still ostensibly a brony, after all, and need to keep up appearances. All the fan art in the meantime has done a good enough job of keeping me informed about the broad strokes of what’s been going on.

It’s still a lot of fun! Season 5 does kinda do a tightrope walk between acknowledging the fans and tipping the hat a bit too far in their direction, but it’s still good stuff. And then there’s that 2017 movie…


As my recent posts have suggested, I found myself with enough disposable income to pick up a New 3DS XL, which led to my detour into A Link Between Worlds and SMT IV. Although I wish it were somewhat more ergonomical in its design, it’s still a nifty little device that’s performing the double duty of replacing my defunct SNES while also allowing me to play some newer stuff.

The charm of the original DS was how it became a haven for more niche, lower-budget games. The 3DS library seems to continue this, only with hardware that can now produce Playstation 2 quality stuff, which is all I really ask for in modern gaming. I feel kinda left behind by much of what goes on in the triple A industry.


I’m holding out hope that Persona 5 will turn out to be good, although part of that may just be a desire to by hyped for a new console JRPG. It certainly looks stylish, but could easily slide into the realm of, “well, it was ok, but…” I’m a bit worried that the visual novel elements that Persona 3 introduced will have worn out their welcome by the fifth entry. But I’m still convinced that Atlus knows how to make good RPGs (if not necessarily smart ones).

On that note, I still need to finish Strange Journey. It has all the makings of a potential favourite, but has also been a really slow burn for me. It requires patience a lot more than any other SMT game I’ve played.


I’ve been reading Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. I tried to read it as a teenager, but gave up part way through. The dog-ear from where I left off only seems to be another page away. I can see why I gave up – while the first third of Dumas’ revenge epic is perfectly paced, the middle part sags with all the characters and subplots it starts to layer on.

I think these takes are supposed to be seven, and get posted on Friday, but whatever.


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