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Xenogears and Erzatz salvation — Beneath the Tangles

Giant robots and churches – what could possibly go wrong? My first post at Beneath the Tangles has gone up! Squaresoft’s 1998 RPG Xenogears seems to have a way of pushing people to extremes. On the one hand are those … Continue reading

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Le Morte D’Arthur

It took me about a year or so, but I finally finished Sir Thomas Malory’s English compendium of Arthurian legend. While you can find more graceful tellings of these stories elsewhere, Malory’s attempt to capture all the facets of them … Continue reading

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The last rabbit

Early on in Watership Down, the rabbits happen upon a curious warren. The burrows are large, but there are few rabbits. And those that are there, while large and in good health, seem to have grown docile and reliant upon … Continue reading

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…but first they must catch you

When people talk about their introduction to Martin Rosen’s 1978 animated adaptation of Watership Down, there seems to be a recurring narrative: at a young and tender age it was put on the TV for them, perhaps by an unwitting … Continue reading

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Vulpes vulpes

Wes Anderson has been a difficult director for me to appreciate. The aggressively composed mise-en-scene and deadpan tone of his films invites comparisons with Stanley Kubrick, a director I like a lot. But while Kubrick had a dark, Swiftian outlook … Continue reading

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