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I’ve contributed a review of Final Fantasy VII to the nascent blog, Gaming With Faith, run by T. Martin, who pops up in the comments section here from time to time:

Today is the age of spectacular, Hollywood-esque video games, where video game culture has gone mainstream and where video game ads are even seen in movie theatres. As such, it can be difficult to appreciate the novelty of Sony’s ad campaign for Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) in the months leading up to its 1997 release.

In the era of Nintendo’s first heyday, video games and their respective consoles had been marketed and understood primarily as toys. Sony, however, marketed FFVII like a movie, with TV ads edited like movie trailers, featuring boastful taglines like, “The most anticipated epic adventure of the year…will never come to a theatre near you!”

The rest can be read here, and you’d might as well check out some of the other posts while you’re at it.


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