Theses on Zootopia


  • lol furries
  • Zootopia is a decent, mid-tier Pixar film made by Disney Animation Studios. You can do worse when it comes to animated stuff, but it doesn’t deserve the 98% at Rotten Tomatoes.

  • The film mashes the, “talking animal follows her dreams” plot with that of a detective story/police procedural. Neither of these are handled in a particularly novel way, but neither are they bad.
  • The detective story is one of those genres which I am predisposed towards liking, and there is a certain pleasure in watching a mystery competently unfold, even if in an entirely rote manner. So I liked this movie more than Big Hero 6‘s superhero antics, but that is more due to my own personal prejudices than anything else.
  • Zootopia‘s biggest draw is its animation, which is beautiful, and the titular city itself, which is structured into different biomes in order to accommodate the variety of anthropomorphic animals inhabiting it.
  • My enjoyment of Zootopia increased dramatically when I imagined it as somehow existing in the vein of Asimov’s robot detective novels, something that the movie almost encourages when it treats its setting as a thought experiment (how would a major metropolis populated by anthropomorphic animals function?).
  • On that note, I have vague memories of hearing about a series of sci-fi detective novels with a space station featuring different biomes to accomodate different species. But I can’t recall the name.
  • There is no excuse in the year 2016 for putting a Godfather parody in your film.
  • The message element of the film is heartfelt, but ultimately strains under the logic of the setting.



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One Response to Theses on Zootopia

  1. jubilare says:

    “There is no excuse in the year 2016 for putting a Godfather parody in your film.” But… but… I found it hilarious!

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