Aegloga Vndecima


But nowe sadde Winter welked hath the day,
And Phoebus weary of his yerely take,
Ystabled hath his steedes in lowlye laye,
And taken vp his ynne in Fishes haske…

-From “Nouember” in Edmund Spenser’s Shepheardes Calender

So it turns out that writing both a thesis and a novel while studying two languages doesn’t leave a lot of free time for blogging.

In spite of hitting a number of, “oh crap I should have researched this,” moments, my NaNo novel is still clicking along. And I do feel as though my English major is finally paying some practical dividends both for my Old Testament thesis (which is more literary in method than historical-critical) and for the novel, which is more shamelessly gnawing at choice morsels from the western canon than any of my previous NaNo attempts.

And I do appreciate this unusually mild November.

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1 Response to Aegloga Vndecima

  1. rygonzale says:

    Winter is conducive for cognitive activities and gives a bonus to all immanent actions (provided you have a backup plan for the occasional depression)

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