Evolution of R & L

It seems that, with the arrival of these longer animation editorials (and there’s another on the way), Res Studiorum et Ludorum has quietly completed its shift from personal blog to animation/sci-fi/pop misc. blog.

While I appreciate that some people have found the personal stuff here to be moving or helpful, I’m kinda glad that that phase seems to be over. I’d rather write about something other than me.

As I believe I mentioned a few months back, the past couple of years in my Masters program have constituted a major shift: before, I was something of a lone Catholic who didn’t have much of a place for talking about the Faith outside of here. Now all that talking and intellectualizin’ is academically expected of me. While that is a blessing, it also means that there’s a lot less of a need for an online outlet here; it’s far more fun now to talk about lighter fare that interests me.

Still, part of me wants to be making some sort of an intellectual and spiritual contribution to this internet thing (or at least keep myself sharp), and so I’ve been thinking about maybe starting a blog that would focus on my chosen area of interest: The Old Testament. It’d likely consist of my own (amateurish) translations and commentary. While I’ve had a bad track record for spinoff blogs, since I’m theoretically becoming a pro in this field, it might be easier to get a fire started, and allow for more fancypants stuff without interrupting the development of this blog.

While we’re at it: time to retire the Kandinsky painting?



About Josh W

A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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2 Responses to Evolution of R & L

  1. Writing about lighter fare than some of your older articles is probably a good thing. They were quite enjoyable and edifying, but it’s nice to see you writing about anime. Any chance of writing more articles on The Shadow of the Torturer?

    Removing the Kandinsky painting and replacing it with something else might be interesting. Or, you can alternate it with another banner.

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