On remaining Catholic, etc.

Elizabeth Scalia has been asking notable Catholic bloggers to share their story about why they remain Catholic, in spite of all the modern trends. Strangely, I was not personally asked by her to contribute. And, having only been in full communion with the Church for a little over three years, my steadfastness is not particularly noteworthy. But I’ve decided to tackle the subject anyway.

I remain a Catholic in large part because I remain convinced that Catholicism is true. That seems as cogent as any reason for staying.

Given our limitations, it is impossible for any one human philosophy to encompass all of reality. True, many great thinkers are often willing to acknowledge what they don’t know, but by the time they reach the limits of what they do know, they have already pontificated incorrectly enough to make their philosophy akin to a great painting: masterful, but less real than what it represents. To mistake it for a 1:1 correspondence will inevitably bring you practical problems.

The Catholic Church strikes me as being free of this epistemic limitation – not in the sense that all the truths of existence are enunciated within the Catechism (it is a much more humble book than that), but in the sense that all the mysteries of creation are actually dim reflections of the Mysteries that the Church embodies. I find that her doctrines contain all the truth and goodness that I have found in the philosophies that the world has offered me; but in a more pure, more profoundly complete manner. Approaching her is less like approaching the painting of a woman and more like approaching the real thing.

But more importantly, the Church is where I found True Love. And I am enough of a sentimentalist and a romantic to know that that is a gift which I should hold onto, no matter what the costs.



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A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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