Just pretend I made a joke about closets here

In Britain, the new breed of closeted, self-loathing people is…..the college aged Tory:

She’s not the only 20-something to admit this. A number of people come forward to ‘confess’ their right-wing leanings on the basis that I won’t reveal their identity, which says it all really.

Though they’ve been swayed by the Conservatives’ economic policies, they’re too embarrassed to tell anyone.

Some have actually lied and pretended they voted for Ed Miliband (“It was easier. I can’t be bothered to deal with people’s reactions if they know the truth”).

On election day, one friend cried to me: “I can’t believe I’m a Tory – I hate myself.”

Eh. Compared to these guys, I’m probably somewhere in between, “minion of Sauron,” and, “punchline to joke about repressed homosexuality,” yet I feel pretty comfortable in my own skin, writing this post from the comfort of my terrible throne

(via Dreher)


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1 Response to Just pretend I made a joke about closets here

  1. That’s pretty funny. Reminds me of how fortunate I was to go to a college where only seven people enrolled among the College Democrats.

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