A fiery performance

Here’s something I found floating around in my Facebook feed.

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4 Responses to A fiery performance

  1. jubilare says:

    O_o Well, that made the pyro in me very happy, and made the rest of me very worried about the structural integrity of that instrument.

    I suppose this is as good a place as any to ask if you would mind me, by proxy of one of my dragons, awarding you the Dragon’s Loyalty Award for bloggers?

    • Josh W says:

      I see no reason why I can’t accept the award. Are there responsibilities that come with it? Do I have to……make a speech?

      To take things further from the original topic: you’ll likely be pleased to know that I know have the first three Discworld novels on my shelf. I’ll likely get around to them when I finish what’s currently on the plate.

      • jubilare says:

        The “responsibilities” are simple enough, and as far as I am concerned, entirely optional.

        And as for Discworld… yay! ^_^

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