Academia as self-parody

In the middle of doing some research for a paper on Gerard Manley Hopkins, I happened to come across a quotation from an address to the MLA given by one fellow called Jonathan Culler:

If “love” were a pure, disinterested relationship, there would still be a question of whether this was the best relation to literature, but of course love is more likely to be just the opposite: a highly interested, obscure, desiring relation of overinvolvement. Love without aggressivity, transference, sadomasochism, identification or fetishism is scarcely love at all.

Yeesh. I wouldn’t want to live in that man’s world.


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3 Responses to Academia as self-parody

  1. jubilare says:

    Nor I. I think he may be confusing “love” with something else…

  2. jubilare says:

    Which makes me wonder what his experiences with love, or lack thereof, have been… which then makes me sad.

  3. wgosline says:

    This is what they call a helicopter critic.

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