It’s just a game, man

I don’t even know why people say Airman is so hard to defeat; just ignore the tornadoes, keep close to him and trade hits. His energy will run out before yours does.

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2 Responses to It’s just a game, man

  1. Ryan Gonzales says:

    Very funny! I forgot how charming and inventive the creatures were which inhabited the various stages of MegaMan 2. They managed to be fearsomely threatening and overwhelmingly cute at the same time. I vaguely remember the strategic complexity and thematic unity of each tableaux before the BIG FIGHT…and the amount of mental foresight and dexterity needed to get through a very difficult patch. There is also something terribly empowering about divesting a fearsome opponent’s weapon and adding it to one’s repertoire of combat skills and made each stage much easier traverse. Anyhow, thanks for the memories. I still vote for Metal Man’s weapon as the best in the game!

    • Josh W says:

      Most people find it unusual that Dr. Wily would use an army of cute, googly-eyed robots as his means of conquering the world. But that strikes me as his one tactical stroke of genius. In everything else, he proves himself to be quite incompetent. Indeed, the only way his schemes seem to get off the ground is by taking advantage of the incredible gullibility of Dr. Light and his robot creations.

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