Blog content….of the future!

This is only the beginning of the inevitable Neon Genesis Evangelion jokes

This is only the beginning of the inevitable Neon Genesis Evangelion jokes


With the new year only a few days away, I naturally turn to thinking Big Thoughts about this blog’s future.

There are still loose ends to be tied up – both my Shadow of the Torturer series and my thoughts on Eve Tushnet’s book remain incomplete. At this point, I’m more interested in the former, because although gay stuff rakes in a lot of visitors, my interest in talking about it is pretty on/off. This was never meant to be a blog about Christianity and homosexuality.

Still, just what sort of blog is this? One of my friends rightly noted that the content is all over the place – theological reflections are mashed up with pop culture stuff, high culture stuff, etc. But it doesn’t quite come together.  And, although the past year or so has taken a bit of an autobiographical turn, I don’t live an exciting enough life to want to ramble on about it ad infinitum. Although there have been trends in content, I’ve never picked a focus and stuck to my guns.

Starting my Masters degree has also changed things, in the sense that most of my theological heavy lifting is now done in the form of academic papers. Now that I study the things that intellectually interest me full-time, I find myself more willing to put my blogging hobby in the service of fluffier pursuits.

Medieval Otaku -friend of the blog – intriguingly lists me in two different categories in his blogroll: “Anime Blogs – Editorial Style,” and “Literary Blogroll.” That actually suggests to me a good conceptualization of what might be an ideal to work towards: bookish weeaboo brony stuff with some incense being burned in the background. I can dig that.

I suppose all this is a roundabout way of approaching the question: is the protean nature of Res Studiorum et Ludorum a feature or a bug?

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6 Responses to Blog content….of the future!

  1. Great reference to Evangelion! I’d say the protean nature of your blog is a plus. But, I happen to be interested in many of the same things.

    Speaking of Shadow of the Torturer, I picked up a book called The Faithful Executioner by Joel F. Harrington, which describes the life and times of Nuremberg’s most famous 16th century executioner, Frantz Schmidt. I was shocked to see how much Wolfe directly borrows from that period: the way Severian makes a living differs in no way from the executioners of the 1500’s! The only differences seem to be a guild training orphans in the craft and the sci-fi setting. I even wonder whether his series was inspired by Schmidt’s diary.

    At any rate, I’m very interested in your next installment in that series of posts.

    • Josh W says:

      Wolfe is certainly a man who does his homework, so the possibility of being influenced by Schmidt is there. Although, in “The Castle of the Otter”, Wolfe gives a somewhat humorous origin story for his image of the torturer – he was trying to think up a character that would make for good cosplay:

      “As I sat there being instructed in how to win a masquerade, something I was not at all eager to do, I began to sulk over the fact that none of my characters – as far as I was aware, at least – had ever been assumed by a masquer. That, of course, suggested thinking up characters who would lend themselves well to the game – characters who would wear simple, dramatic clothes. One of these was a torturer: black trousers, black boots, bare chest, black mask.”

  2. jubilare says:

    I ‘categorize’ your blog as a person’s blog, like mine. Maybe that doesn’t satisfy everyone, but people are… well… we’re bundles of random sometimes, with varying interests and moods and nuances. I started my blog as a place for me to say stuff because… stuff. I like that you seem to do the same, though perhaps you have another perspective on what it is you do here.
    Not every blog has to be about something. People don’t fall neatly into categories, so there should be room for categorized online rambles.

    Not that I have anything against blogs with a mission. 🙂 I just object to the idea that every blog has to be “about” something.

  3. jubilare says:

    uh… should be “uncategorized online rambles,” stupid auto-correct.

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