Brief thoughts on Big Hero 6


Last night I found myself with a free evening, and so decided to check out Disney’s new movie, Big Hero 6. In short, I thought it was swell. I don’t have time for a review, but here are a few observations:

– More than any other movie I’ve seen recently, this one really drove home where we seem to be at right now, pop culturally speaking. Disney now owns Marvel, and this is the first Disney movie to make use of Marvel characters. Domains which seemed worlds apart as a child are now intermarrying and having babies. It’s kind of uncanny to watch it happen (for the second time. Perhaps I should be less weirded out by now).

– On a similar note, although this is an adaptation of a rather obscure Marvel superhero comic, it’s much more similar in style and content to shonen anime/manga, which is also reflected in the odd, America/Japan mashup setting. Actually, the setting struck me as a sort of utopian, image negative of the Blade Runner and Neuromancer cyberpunk worlds.

MM2sprite-MetalManWhen Bemax has his armor on, he looks very similar to Metal Man from Megaman II. I don’t know enough about the movie/comic to know if this is intentional or not.

– For a piece of geeky fluff, this was surprisingly willing to stick its nose in some interesting moral territory. Namely: how the rightful pursuit of justice can be perverted into a desire for vengeance. How do you keep your intentions pure when you are the aggrieved party? It’s not deep or anything, but I appreciate the willingness to raise the question; particularly because we often find ourselves in the middle of what Prof. Mondo described a few months back as a culture of vengeance.

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